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From the people
From the people
I don’t know why it had taken me so long to write a review! I’ve been a customer for a few years now, and I have to say, this place rocks. Everything they sell is wonderful, carefully selected, and great quality. It’s such a special place! Michelle (the owner) has fostered such a welcoming environment, and you feel great the moment you step through the doors! The products that are made in house (soaps, scrubs, etc) are all excellent (and vegan!). Our favourite soaps are the Jasmine Sunset and Cedar scents. They make the entire bathroom smell incredible, but not in an overwhelming way- more of a “wow, this is so fresh and homey!” way.
Anyway, if you haven’t been to Aide yet, you need to visit! It’s great to support local, but even better when the products are this good
and the people who are working there are this awesome. Skip Lush- Aide is better!
Jacquie V, 2022
From the people
This business has incredible products! My Mom has been coming here since they first opened and swore by them. After a few months of listening to my Mom rave about Aide's soaps, I stopped in the shop to see what they are all about. Instantly fell in love with all the amazing scents of the store & the wonderful staff. Best soaps I've ever used in my whole life! I've recently picked up the facial serum and it's been wonderful as well. The staff at Aide are always so helpful, fun and down to earth. If you've been thinking of visiting Aide but haven't yet, this is your sign from the universe (and my Mom) to go check them out!
Elizabeth L. 2023
From the people
My daughter gave me the most beautiful gifts from Aide for my birthday in August. She got me the facial serum, deodorant and a couple of beautiful soaps!!! Everything was amazing!!! The facial serum is awesome and I cannot get over the deodorant. I will never buy store deodorant again!!! Literally this deodorant is the best!!!! The soaps are awesome too!!! It’s like your at a spa when showering!!!! I’m hooked in these products!! I’m coming to the store this afternoon.
Carol C. 2022
From the people
I wish I knew of this store sooner, they have so many amazing things and it’s not just cool bath products, they have food items such as coffee and even cinnamon buns, towels, candles, dried floral pieces, even eco products. Everything that I’ve ordered from there I absolutely love and made time for to really enjoy such as their bath bombs and specialty coffee. Great stuff, very unique, fantastic customer service. I will always keep this place in mind when buying things not only for myself, but gifts for others as well,
I also love that the packaging can be reused or recycled, and that you get a soap sample with every order! Love, love, love!
Kayla C. 2022