Eucalyptus Lavender Solid Lotion Bar

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Our solid lotion bar blends Canadian beeswax, fair trade shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil for deep moisturization and skin protection. Eucalyptus and lavender essential oils provide a soothing scent while promoting relaxation. Enjoy nourished, hydrated skin and a calming experience with our convenient lotion bar.

What is a lotion bar? A lotion bar is lotion, but in solid form

Scent profile: relaxing all natural eucalyptus & lavender essential oil

Skin type: normal, dry, eczema & psoriasis prone


  • no plastic packaging
  • no mess solution because they are in a solid form
  • 100% natural ingredients 
  • shelf life 1yr from purchase
  • store away from heat
  • save your container, bring back to our shop for $1 off refill

Ingredients: Canadian beeswax, fair trade shea butter,* coconut oil, jojoba oil, eucalyptus & lavender essential oil vitamin e *organic

Directions: Rub the bar directly on your skin.  Your body heat will gently melt the oils, then massage in.   Best applied after a shower or bath but can be used anytime.  Non-greasy, ultra hydrating for dry chapped hands, heels elbows or anywhere your skin need a little extra tlc.  Also makes a great massage bar. 

Handcrafted in our Oshawa Ontario studio

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