Multi Purpose Cleaner

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All natural Aide Bodycare multi purpose household cleaner

Apx 4oz of Soap Shavings

Clean your whole house with this one bag!

  • Clean your floors, counter tops, kitchen & bathroom: add a small handful in hot water to melt

  • Turn into liquid hand & dish soap: add a small handful of shavings into mason jar, fill with hot water to melt shavings. Natural Glycerin and colourants may settle at the bottom, just shake up bottle between uses

  • Clean dishes: wet cleaning sponge, press a few shavings on the sponge and work into a lather, scrub dishes, rinse well

  • Keep a small dish of soap shavings by your kitchen and bathroom sinks for single use hand soap

  • Keep in a reusable mesh or cloth bag to naturally scent drawers or use as car freshener. Anywhere you want to have that Aide Bodycare shop smell :)

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